Hazel & Willow Wattle Hurdles

These fence panels make attractive screens for garden or stately home. Woven from either hazel or willow to a traditional pattern, they bring a part of the countryside into your garden.

A genuine traditional hurdle is made without the use of nails or any sawn parts. The hazel is split by hand, which retains the strength of the plant fibres, and is twisted around the end uprights every 4-5 inches, making a light yet strong fence panel. Any panel with nails or sawn parts is a weak imitation and should be avoided.

Hazel Wattle Hurdle Examples

<span>Ref: B1</span><br>Supported on posts, they can heighten a wall whilst matching the wall’s rugged appearance.
<span>Ref: B2</span><br>Here you see the reverse side of the cleft hazel panel, with a matching gate leading to an oak bridge. <span>Ref: B3</span><br>A hazel compound built in-situ with matching gate, encloses beehives at Kew Gardens, London. <span>Ref: B4</span><br>Hazel hurdles used to screen off woodland from the more formal garden. <span>Ref: B5</span><br>Inside view of hazel hurdles woven in situ to accommodate the curves and change in height; the colour will soon blend in as it weathers. <span>Ref: B6</span><br>3’ high hazel hurdles secure the garden of this period house. <span>Ref: B7</span><br>These 4’ high hazel hurdles enclose this raised garden giving privacy and matching the texture of the drystone wall. <span>Ref: B8</span><br>“Hazel hurdles with matching oak framed gate screen this house from the street while remaining true to the appearance of the building. <span>Ref: B9</span><br>Hazel hurdles heighten this wall to give privacy to the garden but allowing enough light through not to feel barricaded in.

Willow Wattle Hurdle Examples

<span>Ref: B10</span><br>Willow hurdle to hide the neighbour. <span>Ref: B11</span><br>This curved steel frame woven with willow makes a moveable screen that can be anchored to the ground; 6’ x 5’ wide £200 inc. VAT <span>Ref: B12</span><br>Willow panels separate the garden from the woods. <span>Ref: B13</span><br>The finer willow rods give a more formal appearance, here slotted between concrete posts. <span>Ref: B14</span><br>Almost any shape can be woven in-situ. This requires good access to site. <span>Ref: B15</span><br>An open trellis in the willow panel gives privacy with a feeling of openness. <span>Ref: B16</span><br>Tall willow hurdles supported on sawn chestnut posts, give seclusion whilst matching the background wall texture.
Oak and chestnut gates
All of our gates are made of oak or chestnut with mortice and tennon joints, held tight with oak pegs.

Oak and Chestnut Gates

Oak and chestnut gates All of our gates are made of oak or chestnut with mortice and tennon joints, held tight with oak pegs. Find Out More

Wattle Hurdle Prices

Prices for standard sizes are listed below and include VAT, but any size can be made to order on request. Stout chestnut posts can be supplied to erect the panels. Delivery and instalment is available on enquiry.

Willow Hurdles

6′ x 3′ – £90.00
6′ x 4′ – £120.00
6′ x 5′ – £150.00
6′ x 6′ – £180.00

Hazel Hurdles

6′ x 3′ – £90.00
6′ x 4′ – 120.00
6′ x 5′ – £150.00
6′ x 6′ – £180.00

Please contact us for more details and a quote