Hedgelaying (plashing or pleaching) is a traditional method of hedgerow management to make a living stockproof barrier against sheep and cattle. Undertaken during winter when the sap is down, the hedgerow is first trimmed back. Next, each bush is partially cut through at the base. This allows the stem (pleacher) to be bent over, whilst still attached, and supported by stakes hammered into the ground. This process is repeated making a dense barrier about 4 feet high which, because each stem is still attached, springs into leaf come April.

Hedgelaying has traditional regional styles. We lay Derbyshire and Staffordshire; Nottinghamshire and Midlands styles which have binders on top.

Hedgelaying – Operating Area

Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, North Staffordshire and East Cheshire.

Hedgelaying - Examples

<span>Ref: C1</span><br>Derbyshire style with stakes only. <span>Ref: C2</span><br>Midland style with binders on top creating a fine finish for The National Trust at Ilam, Derbyshire. <span>Ref: C3</span><br>Hedgelaying rejuvenates old hedges, allowing more fresh growth. <span>Ref: C4</span><br>Expected regrowth during spring after this hedge has been layed. <span>Ref: C5</span><br>The binding along the top of a layed hedge gives a finished line that is pleasing to the eye <span>Ref: C6</span><br>Derbyshire style. This hedge will be stock proof for many years to come. <span>Ref: C7</span><br>Now this hedge has been layed, light can reach the woodland floor and it is now easier to trim the hedge to this height. <span>Ref: C8</span><br>This large unruly beech hedge has been brought under control creating more space and making it easier to manage. <span>Ref: C9</span><br>Early spring growth thickens this hedge so you can barely see through; it is now fully stock proof for Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire.

Hedgelaying - Prices

Traditional Hedgelaying in Derbyshire

The only way to price a hedge for laying is to see it. Each hedge differs widely and prices can vary from £10.00 to £30.00 a metre including VAT.

Please phone for me to give a rough estimate of cost or to arrange a site visit.

However, it is sometimes possible to give an estimate of cost if you are able to email some photos prior to a site visit.

Accredited by the National Hedgelaying Society with a Certificate of Craftsmanship

Certificate No: FOW002-027

National Hedge Laying Society

Please contact us for more details and a quote