Sundry Wood Products

Pea Sticks

Cut from the tops of hazel stems, we choose only those that fan out to a broad shape. 4 to 5 feet tall with 6 to 8 inches to push into the soil.

Seasonal only: £7.00 inc. VAT for ten, collected only.
Bean Sticks
Bean Sticks

These are 8 feet long ash or hazel rods, allowing 12 inches to be pushed into the soil, and about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. They will last several seasons if stored away during winter.

Seasonal only: £12.00 inc. VAT for ten, collected only.

We sell bolts (bundles) of willow suitable for hurdle or screen making. These rods are a year’s growth of an old basket willow variety called “Black Maul” (Salix Triandra). They reach 4 to 6 feet tall and each bundle covers 20 square feet of weave.The willow is green and supple for use in early spring, but will become dry as summer progresses and would then require soaking before use to re-establish flexibility.

Unsorted bundles are those straight from the willow bed and may contain weeds and grasses.
Unsorted bundle £28.00 each inc. VAT
Cleaned bundle £35.00 each inc. VAT
Soaked bundle PLUS £5.00 inc. VAT
Flower Stakes

Made to order to the size you require, either from ash, hazel or chestnut. Straight and with a point, 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and 5 feet long. Used to support delicate or tall plants such as dahlias or sunflowers.

Price £12 inc. VAT for a bundle of ten. The photo shows from left to right; an ash pole, a sawn chestnut tree stake 2″ square, and a cleft chestnut stake.
Living Willow Structures

Simple willow tunnel – We are able to supply materials for simple living willow structures as well as being able to build them ourselves. We recommend you think carefully about the siting of any live willow structure as the willow routes can become invasive in particular situations. One should avoid proximity to buildings, clay lined/natural ponds, ditches, drains etc. and overhead power lines if the rods grow too tall.

Please e-mail with your requirements in order for us to quote.
Stakes and Binders

Specifically for hedge laying. Ash, hazel and mixed species stakes and binders.

Ash, chestnut or hazel stakes at 5′ tall, pointed – bundle of ten £12.00 inc. VAT

We also have occasional supplies of sawn chestnut stakes 2” by 5’ long, pointed in bundles of 50 at £60 inc. VAT

Mixed species binders at least 9 feet long – bundle of twenty £20.00 inc VAT

Hazel binders at least 9′ long – bundle of twenty £24.00 inc VAT

At times we are able to supply binders of wholly hazel or osier, given notice early in the autumn.

Coppice Poles
Coppice Poles

Any type of pole or rod for any number of uses. In the past we have supplied:


  • hazel pins for straw bale building
  • rods for yurt frames
  • horse jump poles
  • poles for tee-pees
  • roof poles for Saxon round houses
  • willow rods for live willow structures
  • morris dancing sticks
  • steam bending poles
  • walking stick blanks
  • poles and rods for garden features

Order in autumn so as not to be disappointed. Price on enquiry.

Log Seating / Log Seats
Round Log Seats

Made from naturally durable chestnut, these round section log seats can last for over a decade outside without treatment. Cut to any height, they are ideal in the garden around a fire pit or for the children in their den.

They can be collected or we can put them on a pallet and post to you. £10 each inc. VAT.
Chopping Blocks £15
Chopping Blocks

Our chopping blocks are made of chestnut which has a very high tannin content, a natural preservative, and so will last for many years outside in all weathers. Each can be cut to the height you require, and are wide at the base making them suitably stable.

£15 inc. VAT ; collected or we can put several on a pallet for delivery.

We produce several miscellaneous products. Some are available seasonally, such as pea sticks or bean poles, whereas others maybe in stock or may have to be ordered well in advance. The raw materials for our products are mostly harvested during winter, so if you require an unusual product, it is best to order early at the beginning of autumn so we can ensure you are not disappointed.


We manufacture all our own products to the specifications you give us, where ever possible. To achieve this we appreciate as much notice as you can provide so we are able to meet your own deadline. Our waiting list varies with the season and can be anything from two to eight weeks, depending on size of order. Please contact us for details.

Please contact us for more details.