Peak Traditional Fencing COVID-19 statement

Here at Peak Traditional Fencing we would like to wish you, your family and friends well during this challenging time.

We would like to assure all of our customers, suppliers and friends that we are still able to supply all of our goods and services during the current COVID-19 virus lockdown.

Our premises are located on an isolated farm, as well as in two other separate isolated locations, within in the Peak District. This fortunately allows us to maintain social distancing and to spread our work force across our different work locations to maintain a safe distance from each other in line with current Government guidelines.

In addition, the nature of our work ensures our staff maintain a safe distance from each other for general safety reasons, and extra measures have been put in place due to the current situation, for the safety of us, our communities and our customers.

Collection and delivery services are still available, and we will maintain a safe distance from our clients in accordance with current guidelines if deliveries are accepted.

Our recommendation is that on receipt of deliveries please leave our products out in the daylight for a couple of days, during which the UV radiation will destroy any potential virus on our goods.

In certain circumstances we are still able to install our products.

For your assurance, we are fully independent whilst on a property and do not need to enter any building for power, services or facilities.

All our work is outside, and as long as we do not have to access a property through a building, there should be no problems.

We can discuss any requirements at a safe distance or even over a mobile phone while the client remains inside with no direct or close contact required.

Please contact us if you wish to clarify any details or discuss any particular situation.

Stay safe,

Simon Fowler