We sell seasoned hardwood logs, split and then sawn to the length you require for your stove or fireplace.

These logs are harvested as part of sustainable management plans to improve the scenic and wildlife conservation value of woodlands in the Peak Park. All our firewood is derived from sustainable and renewable sources, helping to reduce carbon emissions which contribute to global warming.

We sell these seasoned logs as a metre cube in bulk builders bags, (such as builders use for sand). Each bag is lowered onto your property as near as I can reverse my trailer.

The advantage of bulk bags:

  • any saw dust stays in the bag.
  • logs do not spill everywhere.
  • you can unload and stack the logs at your convenience.
  • any residue is removed in the bag on my next delivery.

Large bulk bags

£60.00 each

One metre cube. £5.00 deposit on bag, returned on next delivery. Prices include VAT

Delivery Areas

Elton – Free.

DE42 to DE45, SK170  SK179  DE61
£10 for one, £15 for 2 or 3.

DE562  DE62  DE63  SK178  ST13  ST103  S32  S426  S427  S450  S459
£15 for one, £20 for 2 or 3.


We manufacture all our own products to the specifications you give us, where ever possible. To achieve this we appreciate as much notice as you can provide so we are able to meet your own deadline.

Our waiting list varies with the season and can be anything from two to eight weeks, depending on size of order.

Please contact us for details.

Please contact us for more details.