Simon Fowler Traditional Estate Work
Operating Area & Ordering Products
We cover different geographical areas according to the product or service we are offering. Delivery can be made further afield and collection is always available.

Prices for delivery of individual items are provided separately with quotes, while travel costs for services, such as hedgelaying or installment of fencing, are included in the overall price.

The colour coded map shows details of operating areas. Click on the map to view a larger version in a new window.
Operating Areas Installation Areas
Delivery available further afield.



Wattle Hurdles.

Cleft Fencing, Arches, Arbour Seats, Gates & Willow Spiling.

Ordering Products

We manufacture all our own products to the specifications you give us, where ever possible. To achieve this we appreciate as much notice as you can provide so we are able to meet your own deadline.

Our waiting list varies with the season and can be anything from two to eight weeks, depending on size of order.

Please contact us for details.


Payment by cheque or cash upon delivery or collection. A deposit may be required for gates or non-standard sized items.

Cheques are made payable to "Simon Fowler". VAT is not applicable.
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